Scammed many times trying to make extra money online!!

Hi everyone,

                           This is my first attempt at writing a blog about anything, i decided to try it out once a friend told me they blog all the time. I have chosen a topic that has more than likely been written about many times but has annoyed and frustrated me to no end! As you can tell from the title i have been scammed more times than i’d like to admit trying to find away to make extra money online and i also guess that i’m not alone.

 I didn’t realize the extent of money-making scams until i started searching online for a way to make some extra income, (and i don’t mean the ” GET RICH QUICK” crap that gets thrown at you as soon as you type something into a search engine) i was looking for real opportunities, online jobs, home businesses, ect.

 I realized nothing is for free and you expect to pay for something whether it be for a business plan, information or even an established business( if your budget permits), after searching and finding a few offers that looked genuine i bought the information they were selling and to my surprise it was not what i had expected, in fact it was really useless to me (with a couple of exceptions to information that i never knew about beforehand) without knowing anything about computer software, internet marketing, driving traffic, ect, even tho i had been told i didn’t need any computer knowledge other than knowing how to use the internet to succeed.

I also found that when i bought into an opportunity i was always asked to upgrade or buy something else  that was going to get me up and running in no time and making money. I will admit i searched for a fair period of time and spent a bit of money to find something but then came to realize i was wasting money that i didn’t really have and was getting agitated and frustrated that i was being scammed as many others have been. I then knew the only ones making any money were the ones behind what i was buying into.

I have spent approx $ 850 dollars on what i believed to be useless information and online businesses(that  really weren’t anything like a business) and decided to share my thoughts on  “making money online” .

Since i really didn’t have any idea about how i could make some extra money online without much knowledge, or more to the point, what was true and honest, so i decided to look elsewhere. I looked into some other ideas on and off the internet and can finally say i found something now that actually produces an income.  

I’m sure there are many REAL opportunities out there, but i found that it is just so difficult to find legit ones.

Anyone looking for a home business or an online opportunity to make a bit extra, i wish you  good luck!!

Dont forget to explore other options to get yourself into business online, once i realized i didn’t really know the first thing about online businesses, that’s when i clicked!!

If i would have known where to put my $850 dollars to begin with i would not have gotten frustrated in the first place.